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Time Master is an excellent idea when you want to show your visitors different content on the same page, depending on the time of day, the day of the week, the month, or a specific time interval (such as during the Christmas holiday or on Black Friday). This plugin also allows you to show the local time and the opening hours of your business.

Different time, different content

With shortcodes, you can display time-based content for specific days of the week or months of the year, during a specific period of time every day or during a predefined time of the year.

  • Show a promo only during Christmas days
  • Display different content in the morning
  • Have a special offer only on Fridays


Hi, I’m Chef Louis!
During 00:00 and 07:00 the kitchen is closed.
Come back later for breakfast.

With the help of shortcodes, we split the day in 4 parts: breakfast, lunch, dinner and closed. Depending on the server time, the visitors will see a custom message for each part of the day.

Opening Hours

With the help of shortcodes, you can display the opening and closing hours schedule. You can take it to the next level by defining Closed days and holidays.

  • Fully Compatible with
  • Fully Translatable in all WordPress Languages
  • List Opening Times by day or by days range
  • Two available time formats: 12 and 24 hours
  • Set the entire day as Closed using your own label
  • Replace the opening hours with your custom content
  • Replace the Closed status with your own message
  • Set a holiday time, as long as you want, when your status is Closed
  • Display custom content when you are Open / Closed


Opening Hours

Hello, it’s  , currently we are CLOSED, please come back later.

Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

With the Opening Hours shortcode, you can customize the schedule display how you want it. You can replace the hours and status with your own text. Also, you can have free days and holiday time as long as you want.

Date Based Content

You can see below how easy it is to set up a shortcode that will display content only during a predefined period of time. It’s the perfect solution for a Black Friday promo or a Christmas holiday message to your visitors.


<!-- Display a Christmas Card -->
[tm-date-based starting="2015/12/25" ending="2015/12/26 23:59"]
    Content inside this box will only be displayed from 25th of December 2015 00:00 
    to 26th of December 23:59.  

<!-- Display a banner for the Black Friday Week -->
[tm-date-based starting="2015/11/23" ending="2015/11/29 23:59"]
    You can place inside this shortcode any content allowed by the WP Editor, such
    as text, pictures, embeds, audio, etc. 

These two shortcodes show the parameters you need to define for a simple time-based content display. You need to choose just the starting and ending time and you’re ready.


Use a simple shortcode to display the server time or any timezone you want by choosing the GMT.

  • Show the date in any WordPress format
  • Display the server time or choose the GMT yourself
  • Two available time formats: 12 and 24 hours
  • Show seconds, the current date or an icon
  • Choose a text size according to font-size properties
  • Choose a custom color for text and icon


Local Time




Rio de Janeiro


We used shortcodes to display the server time and the time in 5 other different timezones. It’s simple and you can add as many as you want.

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Use this plugin to avoid losing your visitors’ attention from the things you care most

Show on-page content based on the day of the week (ex: during days from Friday to Sunday, tell your visitors that orders placed today, will be processed Monday)

Display on-page advertisements for a specific period of time (ex: include a banner in a page just for the month of July)

Show on-page content based on a specific period of time (ex: show your visitors the breakfast menu, if it’s breakfast time)

Show on-page promotional banners during specific intervals (ex: Christmas, Black Friday, or any dates you choose)

Somebody in {{ getLocation(notification) }} has purchased
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