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The Countdown style is a dynamic solution to display how close is an important event. You can use it on your front page for maximum visibility or right above one of our other schedule styles, to inform your visitors about the main event. It will display only one event, using a custom color as a background and easy customizable event info. Creating countdown banners for your events will be a breeze.

  • Only one event is displayed, that you can easily select.
  • You can set the event to be one-time or weekly event.
  • It is easy to customize the date display, the colors or the box.
  • Clicking on the read more button will open a pop-up window, with text and images
  • Display only the text info you want and customize it.

With the Countdown style, one of our eleven layout styles available, you can easily create an elegant countdown banner for your main event. You won’t waste time browsing through unnecessary options. Just select your event, customize the color and text display and your countdown banner is ready.

Let’s see how this schedule was created

On the right, you can see an actual screenshot of the Schedule Builder for this style. You can create one yourself, in only a few minutes, with the following steps:

  • Enter a title for your schedule, something like Christmas Party.
  • Select the Countdown style, great for a countdown until your main event.
  • Choose your Content. Use the select box to browse through all your events and choose the one you wish to be displayed.
  • This style does not have filters.
  • Use the Labels fields to name the Categories  how you want. You can also customize other labels, like the button title.
  • With the Display Options switchers you can choose to hide some of the info.
  • Use the Countdown Options switchers to customize the date display.
  • Choose how the pop-up modal should look. We are using the Small option.
  • The Design Options allow you to choose the three colors of the schedule: for the text, for the special elements and for the box background.

Your Schedule is Ready! You can add it with our
custom Visual Composer element or you can
use the auto-generated shortcode on the right.

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