PLAIN LIST ExampleExhibition Center Timetable

The Plain List style is a rich visual solution to display a list of events, suited for an Expo Center, Stadium, Arena and other important events. The list will always be displayed chronological, so your visitors can see right away which events are available soon. Visitors can use filters to display only Sports events, with a specific Organizer, only morning events, etc.

  • Events are listed in a chronological list, with a section for each one.
  • You can set the events to be one-time or weekly events
  • The featured image of the event will be displayed on the left, next to the date
  • The Details button will open a pop-up window, with text and images
  • You can assign as many Event Types, Organizers and Locations as you need
  • Canceled events are displayed as shaded and crossed and are not clickable

With the Plain List style, one of our eight layout styles available, you can display your events listed in a chronological list, with a section for each one. Filters can be used to sort the events and the selection will reflect in the list. If there are no events matching the selection, the schedule will be replaced with a custom “no events available” message.

See this schedule on a blank page

Let’s see how this schedule was created

On the right, you can see an actual screenshot of the Schedule Builder for this timetable. You can create one yourself, in only a few minutes, with the following steps:

  • Enter a title for your schedule, something like Our Exhibition Center Events.
  • Select the Plain List style, great for an Expo Center, Arena or Stadium schedule.
  • Choose your Schedule Contents. You can use the All option, to display Classes with any Type, Location or Instructor, or you can select the ones you need. In our example, we selected only the ones relevant to an Exhibition Center or Arena.
  • The Available Filters tabs work in the same way. You can make a selection different than the one you have for Schedule Contents. This way, you can restrict filtering exactly how you want.
  • Use the Schedule Labels fields to name the Categories and Filters how you want.In this example, we changed the Type label to Event Type and the Instructor label to Organizer, to be relevant for an Expo Center schedule.
  • You can also customize other messages, like the one for no events available.
  • On the right, you can choose how many days to display. In this example, we are using All Days, as we want to show all our events.
  • With the Display Options switchers you can choose to hide some of the info.
  • The Filters Options switchers allow you to show only the filters categories you want.
  • Choose the position of the Filters, we are using Center in this example.
  • Choose how the pop-up modal should look. We are using the Small Image option.
  • The Design Options allow you to choose the two colors of the schedule: one for the text and one for the special elements.

Your Schedule is Ready! You can add it with our
custom Visual Composer element or you can
use the auto-generated shortcode on the right.

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